Can't attach file in "My Tasks" view - Potential Bug?

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(NOTE: This is all being done in the Web version, not mobile or local client.)

I was going to work on attaching a file to one of my tasks that is assigned to me on my Planner board and noticed something really odd. I was using the "My Tasks" view and had no filters applied and I had it set to Group by Due Date. When I went and opened the task, I clicked the "Add attachment" button and noticed that it only had 2 attachment options available, Link and SharePoint. However, when I went to the actual plan, located the tasks, opened said task, and then clicked the Add attachment button it showed File, Link, and SharePoint.


Does anyone think this is a potential bug? Or did Microsoft plan it this way? Or is there a chance they just forgot to put the capability in on the My tasks view?


Thanks :)

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Are you by chance working on Planner in Teams? If the answer is yes, then this is expected.

Nope, I am working on Planner in the main Planner site. I am not working on Planner in Teams.

Seems this is not a bug or glitch. Either Microsoft planned it in this way or there is a chance that they just forgot to put the capability in My tasks view. I have checked in two of my tenants and got same experience.

Well that is definitely a big workflow bummer. I am surprised it isn't available.

However, I can say that I did a search on the Planner UserVoice and here is what I came up with. If you want to attach yourself, go ahead. However, it appears that the original comment was made over 2 years ago and we still haven't seen it fixed/updated.