Can't add Planner plan (basic or premium) to General Channel Teams Tab

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I have the new Planner.  I've created a basic and a premium plan in Planner via the Teams interface and added to a group (my Team).  When I go to my Team and try to add a tab at the top of the General Channel for these Planner Plans, they do not show up in "Use an existing plan from this team", even though in Planner it says the plan is Shared with my Teams Team.  I am an owner and member of the group/Team.  Is this functionality not available yet?


If I go to and create a new blank (basic) plan there (instead of creating via the Planner app in Teams), then I CAN add to my Teams General Channel as this basic plan appears in the 'Use an existing plan from this team'. 


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I have the same problem, my New Plan is not showing up in the 'Use Existing Plan' list.