Can't add any plans to Favorites (We couldn't update your Office 365 Group. Please try again later.

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When I, or anyone in our company, tries to add a Plan to our Favorites so they show up with the carts and things, it shows up for a split second and then down at the bottom we get the error below.  Anyone know what might cause this?  I was told it might be because we have Exchange on-premisis and not in the cloud but we do sync all our users and everything up.




We couldn't update your Office 365 Group. Please try again later. Technical details

Correlation ID: 86e7365b-7a66-44e3-b0a0-a16f15c259bb
Time Stamp: Fri, 13 Oct 2017 14:27:58 GMT
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AFAIK, having Exchange OnPremises should not be a problem for tagging Plans as favorites. I recommend you to open a support ticket

Planner does not support "Add to favorites" feature if user mailbox is on-premises except if the user does have an external email address configured and is configured as a MailUser in Exchange AD.

REF: Microsoft Planner: Why can’t I add favorites or comment