Can I delete or reorder the un-used labels in Planner?

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I noticed that there are a lot more color labels in Planner and picked the brighter colors that are lower in the drop-down list. When I use "Group By Labels" to view my planner according to these color labels, my tasks are listed way to the right end side of the board, with a bunch of empty color label columns I didn't use.

I tried re-ordering and deleting those un-used color labels but I can't seem to find the features.

This really defeats the purpose of adding all the new labels...

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It is not possible to reorder the columns except for the Group by Buckets.
This is as ridiculous as it is true! This makes the entire function worth nothing!

@davidpoon. Realy boring. I have the same demand: reorder or delete unused labels but.. it's not possible... Microsoft lookinbg at the big elephants and forget the ants who really do their job.

I've just spent 30 minutes searching for an answer to this question. This is exactly what we need. Please make it possible to hide unused label columns or maybe adopt the same approach as Categories in Outlook calendar where you can define both the name and the colour for each category.
Same issue here! We tend to label our process via colors, due to online business activity increasing we also need to streamline MS Planner!
(Hope Microsoft recognizes this issue!!)
I agree this needs to be incorporated - deleting/hiding/re-ordering labels. This is a pain point especially when I want to "Group by Labels". If the colour I chose is not one of the first few, we have to scroll through all the other unused colours to find what we need.

I understand voting for changes is what's needed for things to be done - is there already a request for this to change that we can vote on?
Totally agree, it was better when lables were limited in number , now the are far too many and unused - no logic to the order they appear in and with it being impossible to re-order - its now a total mess.. Cmon microsoft - sort it out
Yes, using labels could be extremely useful. However the current experience, with columns and columns of empty labels defeats the purpose and makes the feature unusable. I could present the backlog beautifully in my leadership team meeting, if this was resolved. Even a simple re-order option would enable useful reporting. As it stands, for this to be useful, I would need to photoshop the results, which is unsustainable. Please resolve as a priority.
Thanks Santhosh Balakrishnan for confirming this. Is there a workaround? Have you asked Microsoft if they have a roadmap to fix this UX problem?

@davidpoon Re-order labels is not possible in Planner as of now. 

But it should be! That's exactly the point we're talking about here... ;)

Hi @Santhosh Balakrishnan, is there a place where features can be suggested and then voted on for the product team to review?

Just to support @davidpoon comment, it will be great to have this functionality
I am a strong fan of Teams and the collaborative potential, but some very basic functionalities like managing unused labels, the ability to order and sort (especially true for channel posts), severely impede on the user experience.

Yes, please add this functionality and better label management. Forcing people to use external tools like Trelllo



Just want to add my support to this change.  The sooner the better.

@Pernille-Eskebo: Can you inform if this small (but incredibly useful feature) for re-ordering labels is on the roadmap - and when it is expected to be released?


When you select Group by Labels, it's a bit of a pain that you cannot define the order of the labels. The consequence is that when you add new labels, they will be shown to the very right of the board. If you have just a medium amount of labels in use (e.g. I have 12), the user is forced to scroll all the way to the right to see the content. 


In my use case, I would need to see some of the recently added labels further to the left of the board for better overview and follow up. 



@davidpoon Hi, as you already know its not possible to reorder the labels, but you can remove empty ones from "Group by Labels", by clicking on the 3 dots on the right side of the label and using "rename". Remove the name of the label completely and press enter.

I hope this will help.


Cheers Alf

@Redbully @davidpoon

I was setting up a new planner and was experiencing this issue as well.  I followed your advice to rename the labels and removing the original label name while Grouping by Labels.  The first good news is that the only labels that appeared where labels that I had already renamed.  However if I want to remove a label I created in error, your solution worked!  All of the labels still appear in the task dropdown but at least the grouping works.  


Thank you!