BUG: empty notes while opening by link

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If I open a Planner Task by a link, the notes-section is empty. But at the same time, if I open it through selecting in the Planner Overview, there is my content.

If I now type some content inside the blank note-section, while opening the Task by link, then it overwrites the previous content (which I didn't see in the link-version).

This also happens, if I just add a comment.


It seems for me, that as soon as a textarea is changed (either notes or comments), it triggers a save of the current state. And because the notes-section is buggy-empty while opening by link, it deletes the content of the note-section.


Is this bug already kown?
Are there any investigations?

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This bug leads to data loss, please fix it as soon as possible.


seeing the same issue - lost several notes before realizing what was happening.

@kirchenweb-raphiI am experiencing the same kind of thing. 

1. Receive email notification of a task assigned to me. Click on the link. It opens the task in all its glory, however, none of the Notes content is there, just an empty field.

2. Same is true if I click on the notification received in TEAMS Chat.


I attached a screenshot


We are still in testing mode so I can't be sure the data is actually being lost or just not displayed. It is a deal breaker though. It is consistent across all our TEAMS that are using Planner.


Seems to be a significant oversight. Needs to be remedied asap.


I have the same issue.  This is just awful.  Doesn't matter whether I use the link generated from Planner or Teams, I get the same results.

@dbnokI wonder if anyone knows how to engage Microsoft in this conversation to advance it toward a solution. Or, is it being addressed already? I could submit a tenant level ticket for myself but it sounds broader than that. Maybe we all should and it would gain some attention that way?


Anyone have any ideas?


Unfortunately the Planner help site, upon clicking the link to "ASK THE COMMUNITY" only brings me to the generic Microsoft page, from which I see no way to specify "Planner".  The link to "CONTACT US" just gives a message of:
"Contact your Office 365 admin, who can talk to a support agent for you. Only admins can contact Microsoft support.
You can also search for answers in our community forums."

So the only remaining option I have is to reach out to the IT department of my company to see if they would be willing to engage Microsoft directly over this bug.  I will use the link to this tech community post for reference.

@dbnok @Lisa Stebbins  I raised a ticket yesterday with our corporate IT department.  Today when they contacted me to see the problem firsthand...I could not reproduce the problem.  I tried everything I had done before (all of which showed the problem for me originally): get link from Planner app in browser, get link from Planner app from within Teams, old task, new task - no luck.  I have not changed anything on my side, and they tell me there have been no updates to the online suite, so I don't know what happened.  I'll continue to monitor for the issue to return.

@dbnokBelieve it or not, when I click on the link to the task from my Chat list (where I was notified of it being assigned to me) it now doesn't even open the task at all! Instead it opens one of my other TEAMS, one that is completely unrelated to the TEAM to which the task is associated! This happens in Edge (beta and current) and in the desktop app for TEAMS.


However, when I click on the emailed notification for the task assigned to me, it is opening the task and showing the Notes and Comments as expected so, I guess, there's some improvement.


I have also escalated a ticket to get some help. I will continue to monitor the 'progress' as well.