Bucket Charts showing red for 'In progress' tasks

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My Bucket charts have changed this morning, it's showing red for 'in progress' bar in all planners 'Bucket' charts. Can anyone change it back to blue? Thank you.

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I noticed the same problem. It's blue in planner but when opening the plan from teams it is red which does not match with description.

@Thanh_LeHuu We have the same behavior in our company.

Confirmed this appears to be a bug, and we're seeing the same behavior at our organization.


See attached. On the Planner web app, the bucket chart displays the correct colors (blue for in progress, red for late). On the Planner app integrated as a tab inside the Teams desktop client, colors in the bucket chart are reversed, displaying red for in-progress and blue for late.

@coreyatmikros : It's fixed. Bucket charts showing red for Late tasks now.

Awesome, thanks for the heads up, @Thanh_LeHuu!  Confirmed it's fixed for us, too.