Bringing a Plan into Microsoft Teams

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If I create a Plan, I can then create a Team and tell it to use the same O365 group that the Plan used and I can then see the full plan inside of Teams.


However, if I have a Team created (e.g. IT) with some channels underneath it (Database, Infrastruture, etc) is there any way to create a Plan for the channels and see the full plan inside of Planner?  I don't think this is possible but wanted to make sure.


Also, if I create the Plan in Planner and then add a Planner tab to an existing Team within Teams and choose "Existing Plan", I don't see the Plan that I created in Planner...


Just making sure al lthat is working as designed because we'd sure like to be able to add Plans to Channels...



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You can create Plans at the Channel level and you will eventually see tasks of these Plans in the Planner Hub, but you are not going to see the Plans in the Planner order to see the Plan created, just try to create linked to the underlying Group the Team is built on top
In Teams when you choose "Existing Plan" it lists the plan that is created from Groups (Planner Plan) as currently Groups and Planner has 1:1 relationship. But Teams plan and Groups have 1:N relationship so you are allowed to create multiple plans from Teams for a same group.
If you have Planner Plan created already and want to add those to different Teams / Channels, one workaround to over come this as of now is to add the Planner Plan as a new "Website" tab in teams. This is how we are managing this case now in our tenant.
IS there any plans for Microsoft to displace Plans created for Team Channels in the Planner Hub?

This is a gap which confuses users as Plans/Tasks from Individual Team Channels have less visibility than Plans/Tasks created for Groups. Very confusing when trying to introduce Teams to an environment that traditionally used Groups to manage projects.