Best use of Planner for Company with Many Small Projects

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MS Planner seems to be setup to create a new plan for every "project". We are a fairly small company and have many small projects. Between 5-10 people we'll go through 150 - 200 projects a year. There could be 1 person that touches a project or everyone. My question is, would it be better to create a new plan for every project or use a bucket for each project. The obvious question is do we even need to do this, and the answer is probably not, but I think it could be helpful. Here's how I see each work flow:


Using a new plan for each project:

Plan = project name

Buckets = Project startup (create job number, setup folders), Project Work (Drawings, Calcs, Review), Invoicing (create invoices, followups)

Tasks = tasks would be assigned to users under each bucket with due dates corresponding to the project schedule. Likely there would only be one or two tasks in each bucket.


Using buckets for each project:

Bucket = project name

Tasks = each task would just be the same as the buckets above. Lists could be used as tasks are used above.


In either case I would want all tasks to show up on the same calendar.

Also - not sure if this question belongs here, so feel free to tell me where else to post this. 

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