Avoid someone from deleting a task he's been assigned to

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Hi there


I am new to Microsoft Planner and I've just created a new plan and assigned a few tasks to my colleagues. How can I avoid that one of my colleagues delete a task that has been assigned to them?


It seems like everyone is free to add and to delete any task on planner.


Btw I am the administrator / creator of the group in Microsoft Team.


Thanks a lot in advance



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AFAIK everyone has read/write access to a Planner plan in that group/team
Adam is correct, Planner does not restrict who can add, update or delete tasks so any Plan Member can do those operations on tasks

Thank you for your answer.


Do you know if this is going to be implemented anytime soon?

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Doesn't look like it, unfortunately!


There is a user voice for this, sp please go vote for it!


/ Adam

Thanks, I just voted for it.