Attachment greyed out in Planner

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Just wondering if anybody else if having trouble when copying a plan over once a new team site is created?
Now that the function to copy plans over to other teams sites is enabled (yayyyy!) it is not copying across the attachments/hyperlinks across and you dont have the option to select it either. Wondering if there was a fix around?




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I have to test this myself, but not sure if the Copy Plan includes the ability to copy attachments

@Juan Carlos González Martín @CharlieCagil If you choose the same group, the attachments will no longer be grey'd out. You can only copy plans with an attachment if it's to the same group. Hope this helps! 

I have the same Problem. I want to move plans from one team to another one. With this copy function this is possible but unfortunately i can not click on "attachements". Which means that they are missing. But I need them. Does anyone have an idea?