Assigning Tasks to Non-Group Members?

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Is there a way to assign tasks to non-group members?  There are a few tasks within my large project that cannot be done by current group members.  However, I don't want non-group members to see the entire plan; only the tasks assigned to them.

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Sorry, but this feature is not in Planner now

Trello has spoiled us, as we can use external users. Is this going to be included into planners any time soon? or should we continue to love Trello even more? lol 


Seriously, with Teams, planner is HUGE. But without the ability to work with external users, its neutered. Will this change once teams allows for external users come the end of quarter 2?

This is a key missing feature... is ther any plan to add this to the roadmap of changes please?

@Michelle Wagoner Microsoft has just released integration between Planner and ToDo which gives a workaround for your requirement.


You can assign the task as normal in Planner to, e.g. a manager who is a member of the Plan, or yourself. The new integration means that you can then also see the task in ToDo and, crucially, Outlook Tasks. From here it can be assigned to another person without them being made a member of the Planner group. When the assigned person completes the task, this rolls up to Planner to show it as complete there.



@jcwyatt This is not possible anymore. Planner design appears to be quite poor in terms of enabled functionalities.

I have found a User Request about assigning a task to a non-member. If you are still interested please vote the request.