Assigning tasks to multiple people

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Hello Planner community, I'm trying to create a recurring Planner task that would be assigned to multiple people (ex. "Submit timesheet").  When assigning to more than one person, the task is "complete" when any one of the people completes it.
I can create a task for each person, but that becomes burdensome if the task is being assigned to a large number of people.  I'm curious how others approach this problem and what workaround the community has come up with.  Also curious, of course, what the Planner team has to say.

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Hi Michael.
I have exactly the same problem. When a task is assigned to multiple persons, the first to complete the tasks completes it for all, but I want to know when everyone has completed the task (in my case it is the review of a document by multiple persons).

You mention the recurring planner task; unfortunately I cannot find the "repeat" button in Planner for tasks either. I have Planner 3 licence, using "the New Planner" in Teams.
Hopefully someone is able to support here.