Assigning task creates Comment

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As soon as I assign a member to a task, the "Has Comment" icon appears on the task (see attachment) and it inside the task it lists that I assigned the task to someone. 


The odd part is it does not do this in other plans. I am hoping to have it do this on all tasks I assign.


This whole question has to deal with the odd fact that even if you are assigned a task, you will not get an email notification that I added a task. You will only get a comment if you have already commented on the thread. I will not even go into how much a dislike this. If I assign someone and that adds a comment, then I will at least get a comment if my team member writes one in.

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@RyanN123 Have you checked the option "Send email to the group when the task is assigned or completed" option form the edit plan window? By checking this option, the group members will receive the email notification for the task assignment. 


If you would like to personalize it, you need to ask the individual users to go to their group mailbox settings > Manage Group email". 

@Santhosh Balakrishnan thanks for the response. I just realized I incorrectly worded my last paragraph. It should have said will not get an email notification that I added a comment. There are multiple threads discussing the oddity of how comments are emailed out to only those that have commented before. My main question in this thread is how come sometimes when I assign a task, it treats the assignment as a comment in the task and sometimes it does not. I'd like it to always treat an assignment as a comment because then if anyone comments again, I will get an email notification since it treats it as though I already have commented.