Assignee Notifications on Comments / Table View


The current set up requiring people who are assigned tasks to subscribe to a group email doesn't work for large groups.  People are not going to manually subscribe.  I'd like to ask for an option to switch that off and when a comment is submitted, the assignee(s) are notified via email without a subscription.  Our team would use Planner across all of our programs if that was in place.  Also, we use Sharepoint sites for all of our programs and would like to see the "table" view of the tasks that you get in teams, generated as a URL that we can display in a shrarepoint page.  The bucket columns view is too cumbersome and not compact enough to get a view of all tasks.  Having to click a link that then opens up teams and then takes you to the action items bucket view is also not very smooth.  Right now, we are bypassing the tool as it was very disappointing.  Hope you will take this into consideration.   Thanks. 

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