Assigned members do NOT get email notifications

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  1. My manager assigned me a new task- I received an email- GOOD
  2. Late Tasks- I receive emails- GOOD
  3. My manager put some comments after that- I did not receive any email. BUT she received the email. Hampered my work- NOT Working
  4. My manager marked Task completed- I did not receive any email. But she received the email.- Not working.

Attached are all the permissions given. How can I solve 3 and 4 problems?


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@jindals1 To answer you questions for 3 and 4 - for comments, you only get an email notification in your inbox if you have commented on the task previously. All comments will result in emails sent to the group mailbox however. We recognize this behavior isn't ideal and are working on ways to improve it so that assignees will receive notifications if someone comments on their tasks.