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I'm working on a project through PoweApps and I'd like to know how to assign a Task to multiple users at the same time using {assignments:} ?


already it's working with me with single users only !

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Yeah, the same thing happens for me. I haven't seen anything documented about this, but in everything I've tried - the Flow / PowerApps connector for Planner just generally does not support multi-value fields yet. For instance, if you're querying tasks, you can't pull the 'Label' or 'Checklist' value(s) at all.

In this case, you can use the Assignments field, but the label calls it out as a single user. I can't find a way to make it work at all with multiple values - neither by entering multiple lookups / values in the blank in various formats, nor by looking up a multi-value Person field from a SP list.

I hope they keep adding to the Planner connector. Planner is such a wonderfully simple tool, and they're not allowing customizations within it to keep it that way. It would be super helpful if we had more capabilities in Flow and PowerApps to talk with the rest of the data so that we could integrate it into more solutions.


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It's a semi-colon separated list of strings containing user ids or email addresses of the users to assign this task to.  To add more than one, just separate with a semi-colon.





Hmmmm... that's one of the formats I tried, but it didn't work for me previously. When I tried again today, the Flow action includes placeholder text that documents that format - and it worked. #woohoo

The joys of evergreen :)


I saw a flow a while back that notified you when connectors were added and/or, presumably, updated - Might be worth digging into this a little more to keep track - I'm always finding things I can't do that are 'in the pipeline' and then I forget about them only to find a few months later they're in and working.


I once spent a week working on a Graph Planner connector to copy and migrate tasks and plans only to find out the Planner Connector had been out a month already ><

@Sharif Alhennawy 


This took me way too long to figure out how to implement. Here is an example for anyone else:





Assignees is the Combo Box itself. Ignore the start date as a UUID, its just a value I made to use as a primary key for separate table.