Assign a task to multiple Plan members seems to be quietly rolled out


Thanks to @Kevin Crossman heads up, I have discovered in two of my tenants that it¡s possible to assign a task in Planner to several Plan members...what we have not seen is a message in the message center about this rollout

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Very nice.. Just hit our main Slalom tenant as well which is fantastic because Planner usage continues to expand and this is a commonly requested feature. Nice work Microsoft Planner team!

sneaky sneaky, but every group I have rolled out has been begging for this, some very happy folks come Monday when I let them know!
It worked in all our tenants. Happy to see the updates rolling out in Planner :)
Some new goodies to have some fun :-)...finally new stuff in Planner :)

It is baffling that there was no Message Center note or Office Blog post about this. Kind of a big deal.

@Dave Heller keeps hinting in places that something is coming along those lines. Seems like things aren't quite synced up between engineering and comms :)

And also there is a message in the message center:

Updated feature: Planner task assignments
Published On : April 3, 2017
Expires On : April 30, 2017
Users will now be able to assign more than just one user to a task in Office 365 Planner.
How does this affect me?

Previously, task assignment was limited to one user. Now, users can assign a task to multiple team members.

This message is associated with Office 365 Roadmap ID: 38605.
What do I need to do to prepare for this change?

There is nothing you need to do to prepare for this change. Please click Additional Information to learn more.
So initial testing seems limited to assigning tasks to up to eleven (11) team members. Not sure if anyone else has hit that limit.

We have a scenario where we are creating a task, and assigning it to all members of the workgroup (often more than 11 people). Each is responsible for doing it and reporting back to the task with comments before it is closed by a workgroup facilitator.

The workgroups have been trying to accomplish this using the checklists for a "subtask" assigned to each person, or creating like 18 separate tasks, but they feel that the multiple assignment will work better for this. Only problem is now they have to create 2 tasks (and probably separate assignments between the 2) instead of 18 tasks.

Is this a defined limit? Will it be increased?