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Hi All,


What is the best parctice after the plan is completed under Planner and what will happend to the office 365 group created with it.


also Can I add plan to exsiting Office 365 group?




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We cannot currently archive a plan since this feature is not available in the product. You can create a Plan from a existing Group, so the answer to your second question is "Yes"

I always recommend to my clients that they just leave the plan in place, because as mentioned here there is no archieve option, and if you delete the plan, it will delete the group as well (which we clearly dont want)


If you know this going in, you really have two options for administration, and just do what works best for your organization.


1. Make groups that are specific to plans, so that way when the plan is done, you can in essence remove the membership of the group and move on. For instance Sales - Customer Name, to be a group to focus on sales of a specific client. Or even Sales - Deal #####


2. Make generic groups and just plan on having old plans associated with them. So using the same example above, maybe you just do Sales for a group, and have plans for each project in there.

Just know deleting/archiving right now is not an option, so plan accordingly!

Fantastic advise thanks alot

This response is from a year ago - has this feature been implemented yet or will it ever be?  Need guidance on what to do with completed plans to archive.  Thanks so much!

Hey Heidi,


It looks like it still has not been developed.


You can check out this support article for best practices as far as Microsoft is concerned.


I will say you can have more than 1 plan per group now, so I would just create a new one and leave it there personally.



we too need a way to archive completed plans.  we want to keep the history but want to keep our open plan list clean.  If you click on My Tasks, and organize by plan, then you see the completed plans and the list becomes too big. 

Yes an archive function would be great! The list is getting far too congested.

I would bump this thread. Our plans list is already becoming useless as we will have 2-3 plans per project and once a project is completed we do not want to destroy the history.  Much like Teams has included the ability to archive a team, this feature should be added for planner

Completely agree with the comments here - we have to save project collateral as well and my biggest concern is around Planner limitations (see after a few months.

@Yousef Hanoun , you can use the third party apps to archive completed plans (to read only tasks using SharePoint lists) from Microsoft planner. Let me know if you are still looking for a solution. 

@Juan Carlos González Martín 

The ability to archive old projects is a big need.  Planner was designed for smaller, short-term projects wasn't it?  The lack of an option to archive inactive projects is a must! thanks

@Santhosh Balakrishnan What third party apps have you found success with? 

@Heidi Berger it is still the case. We are a law firm, the planner is a great way to plan legal projects, yet the Law Society demands that all documentation is retained. Therefore delete is not an option.


The only option I have at the moment is to mark completed plans as my Favourites, this way they are all bundled together and you can then collapse the view so that they are effectively hidden. Not ideal, but at least they are not cluttering up the rest of the live plans until MS give us a different option.

@smauricelilly You need to use Apps4Pro Planner Manager app to archive the completed plans from Planner 

@Yousef Hanoun Without an archive feature one solution is to rename the plan name (not the group name) with a prefix such as 





DNU - Completed Project - 

Microsoft Team, is there any update on this request? It is years it never going to happen? Is it on a roadmap somewhere?
Archiving seems like a simple enough problem to solve for, and not having the ability to archive makes a potentially useful tool much more painful to use.

An archiving function in Planner would be very easy to create, I am surprised this is still not a part of Microsoft Planner. It's one of the primary reasons why most folks don't use this tool. Shows Microsoft's commitment to their product. @Yousef Hanoun 

Adding my request for this function here! I will not make the switch from Trello until an archive function is introduced.