An option to Push Comments to User Inbox

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I recently migrated our company over from Trello.  We are hoping to use Planner in collaboration with SharePoint sites, PowerApps and Excel to create a management environment for our custom fabrication department.  


One issue I have experienced right out of the gates was the absence of an @schema in the contents.  It seems that there might have once been some functionality here, but there clearly is no longer anything like it.  I understand that members who participate in the comments will get those notifications pushed to their work Inbox.  While that is a nice feature, it requires that a comment was left to begin with.  This is an issue for us.  We need to be able to reach out to Team Members who might not be looking at a card and let them know that they need to review something. 


Assuming that the @schema was removed for a reason and that it might never come back, I have an alternative idea.  Below the open comments field you could add a button to "Request Reply in Task".  When this option is used, the comment will be posted as usual, but a draft message will be saved to your Outlook account that has a copy of the comment and link to the task card.  A user could then simply send that e-mail to whomever needs to see it, and they have a quick link right in the e-mail to reply on the task card.  

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Planner does not support @ mentions in the task comments although you can @ mention in the Group mailbox. This is because the comments area in Planner is a plain text and not a html editor. You can use the third parts apps to do this easily.

@Santhosh Balakrishnan Are you referring to Wunder365?  That interface not ideal and from what I can tell it only adds a chat in a Teams Channel.  We're not looking to use teams.  We want to people to be able to push comments to particular inboxes.  Clearly the task card can identify users, as it already pushes comments to the Inbox of anyone who leaves a comment.  If the @schema cannot be supported, I still believe that my suggestion would be a fairly elegant work around.  Give people the option to copy the comment and a link to the task in the body of an e-mail.  Then they can send it through Outlook to whomever they need to see it, and those recipients can follow the link back to the task (or reply in Outlook).  Its practically a macros.  If PowerAutomate could be triggered by a comment, I could probably run the function from there. 


If there is another 3rd part extension that I am not seeing.   If there is something else that might work for us could you please point me in the right direction?





@Santhosh Balakrishnan Actually, the exact e-mail I want to forward to additional members is already pushed to the Group Inbox when I post my comment. I'm going to instruct my staff to open that copy and forward it to whomever else needs to see it. It would still be ideal if I had options via the Planner interface: either to add recipients to that e-mail, or at least to open the e-mail directly so I can add them myself. That all seems feasible no matter what sort of code the comments themselves have been written with.

Thanks for letting me know the requirement in detail. I can understand this now. I will check if this is feasible someway.

Thank you Santhosh. I don't expect to be moving mountains. I'm just a guy that ran some Power Queries and found himself building a data model for a small company. I'm sure things look a lot different from where you sit. But this does seem like an important function. It is almost always the first thing people are asking me about when I review the new Planner interface with them. I am hopeful that a solution along these lines would be easy to implement and could effectively replace an @schema. The Task Card is already keeping a mailing list. All I want to be able to do is insert some names when we need to.