All Tasks by Planner and To Do data is suddenly gone

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Our team of around 10 users has been using Tasks by Planner and To Do via Teams quite a bit to track our work and goals. Around 10/10, one of our users updated Teams and started to use New Teams and then noticed that all of the planner data was gone. They reverted to Old Teams but the Tasks by Planner data was still missing from Teams. In the cloud, the same issue persists. Recent/pinned plans show up, but clicking on them indicates there isn't any data.


Is there any way to recover this data? What might have caused this to happen in the first place? I haven't seen much around the web on this recently so I'm assuming it's not a global issue and I'm the admin to my company's O365 tenant and I don't see any service health issues with it.

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I'm going switch over to the new teams and see if i get the same issue. Can offer a daily Planner backup solution i created in Automate if that helps moving forward?