Adding Plans for pre-existing SharePoint Team Sites


I am a project manager/pilot user for launch of Office 365 applications in our company.  I was just given early access to the new Planner app and have some questions.


I already have 4 SharePoint Team sites that already have Task Lists established.  These sites were obviously created before the new "every Team Site gets an O365 Group and vice versa" that just rolled out.


Is there any way that I can get an O365 Group (with Planner) created for these already established Team Sites - so I can then use Planner for managing the tasks lists for all these sites in one place?


If not - any suggestions on how to "retrofit" so I can utilize Planner?

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I believe existing sites won't have initially the posibility to have a Group and a Plan...but this could change in the future. By the way, there is not a mechanism to move tasks from tasks lists in SPO to tasks in Planner. cc @Christophe Fiessinger

@Juan Carlos González Martín thanks for your reply.  A couple of my SharePoint Team sites are really new, so I'm considering deleting them and adding a new Group instead - since these sites only need a document library and a task list - a group would suffice.

Glad to help and thanks to Christophe Fiessinger for the confirmation :)
Hi Jill,

Just confirming your thoughts here. Currently there is no way to retrofit so your team sites would have to be either reborn as a group or a "sister" group to the team site could be created.

Use the team site home page for your Project Status updates in an easy findable format but change the local navigation links on the left to point to your group Doc library and planner etc.

There should be a way to upgrade existing teamsites to groups enabled teamsites.

Creating new groups and moving the whole content is in no regard a proper solution.

I cannot find any entry relating to this topic on fasttrack.


Any plans anyone?

Both Group enabled and Non-group enabled teamsites will have their place in the ecosystem but at this time I don't beleive there is a planned method to add group features to existing teamsites.


Maybe @Tejas Mehta can advise differently?

At least migration / create from existing SharePoint should be possible. Any update here @Tejas Mehta @Christophe Fiessinger?