Adding numbering capability to each Task in Planner

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Hello everybody

I was wondering if there was any work been done on adding a numbering system to the Tasks in Planner? At the moment, me and my Team have to use a completely different system to generate a job number and then paste it on to a Task and then assign it.


This will cut a lot of processing and it will enable us to use one platform (Planner) for all task allocation.


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@Mauro1976 I hope you can achieve this (Task numbering) using Power app. So the task should be created from the Power app and it will prefix the number to each task and post it in the Planner. I have not tried it, just a thought. 

Yes - is a weakness - have 5000 tasks across 21 plans, where have imported via Power Autmate added in a unique number as the first part of the Title string - really made finding tasks so much easier and accurate, should be an easy fix for all tasks to be uniquely numbered and may be take teh first 3 or 4 characters of the Plan name to aid location across multiple Plans
Thanks a lot!