Adding New Filterable Field To a Task

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Is there a way of adding a new field to a task that will appear as a separate column in LIST view?  This column could then be filtered.  My goal is to add a field like "Number of New Widgets Needed" to tasks and then be able to view this as a column in LIST view.  Then I could sort this list by putting the task that needs the largest number of widgets first.

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+1 for this
This feature is not available now in Planner. You need to either use the Notes section in task (But cannot add as the column in the list view for filter) or use the third party apps such as Apps4Pro Planner Manager for this (Create and pull reports based on the custom fields)
An update: someone a lot more wise in the way of apps than me implemented a Lists app that's perfect. It has the searchability of an Excel spreadsheet and some programming was done in the background to give more notification features than Tasks and even folder creation. Lists was the solution and more.