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Does anyone know how to add labels? Currently there are only 6, and while they can be renamed, I'd like to be able to create more.

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They can be created in the security and compliance center
Under the classification tab if I recall correctly

Planner Labels? The Labels you can create in the Compliance & Security Center are not related to Planner Labels...with the labels you create in the Compliacen & Security Center you can for instance clasiffy SPO content and apply retention
Indeed! Wrong forum :\ it’s late here

Yes, thank you. I'm trying to add Planner Labels (color coded). There are currently 6 but not an easy way to add any more. 

(Planner) labels are not yet possible to create unfortunately
Please vote for it in planner uservoice:
Sorry about the confusion!!


Got it, thanks!

I don't think the original poster is asking that. These are labels use in Planner to colour code the cards
Yes! This is what has been discussed

How odd, I never saw the previous replies otherwise I wouldn't have posted.