Accidentally deleted a plan, but still getting emails

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Hi there, our problem is two-fold... we accidentally deleted a Plan with tasks in it, and I gather there's no way to recover the Plan. We've come to terms with our loss, and want to move on... but it appears that we keep getting email notifications telling us we're late on tasks.


Not being able to access the Plan we're a bit at a loss on how to stop the emails, and it's going to get worse as more tasks come due. I'm hoping that someone has a suggestion on how we can stop the emails? I've just made an Outlook rule that says delete specific tasks when they hit my inbox, but I'm quietly optimistic that there's a better way to manage the issue? 


Alternately, is there a way to recover our Plan? That would be the most wonderful solution...

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If the Planner was recently deleted, the related Group is still in the recycle bin (Soft Delete took place) so that could be the reason why you are still receiving the e-mails....being said that, you can still recover the Group and so the Planner Plan