Ability to View All Tasks Across Organization, See Task Details (Notes, Checklist Items)

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I built an app that lets you view and search across your own Plans and Tasks (i.e., tasks to which you are assigned). When you click on the gallery item, it opens up the corresponding Planner or Task details page on Microsoft Planner.


Now I need an Admin view that lets you view and search Tasks across my entire organization, but I am struggling to find a solution built into the Planner connector or Microsoft Graph API. Furthermore, it needs to grant the ability to search for Tasks, Task notes, and Task checklist items all based on a keyword search.


Has anyone found a workaround? Thanks in advance.

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Sorry I can't help with the searching across all org tasks, but I've been looking for a solution to 'find all my tasks' and was about to start developing such an app. Are you able to share or open source it? No worries if not, and any tips before I embark on this much appreciated :)