Ability to send an email to Planner and create a Task

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Is this on the roadmap?


Our organization is starting to lose the battle of using Planner instead of Trello, pretty much because of the sole feature that Trello allows you to send an email to a specific email address and it will automatically create a Task. 


It is quite a simple model:


Email Subject = Task Title

Email Body = Task Description

Email Attachments = Task Attachments


This would be a massive win for adoption.


Looks like this is the entry with the most votes, but there are about 100 of them that individually are asking for the same/similar functionality: https://planner.uservoice.com/forums/330525-microsoft-planner-feedback-forum/suggestions/13076007-ab...

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I haven't seen it on the roadmap, but it would be a nice feature. I often think of tasks and email myself, although that's where the coming-soon Planner mobile app will help, but I'd still want email for when I forward something.

Going to give this a try; however, I know my users and it would be far simpler for them to be able to forward an email than work with Flow.

The problem with FLOW is that it is very flaky right now, sometime it works and sometimes it doesn't. 

I have a FLOW that creates a planner task.

the busoinies wants a choice column from the list and a text column concatinated to create the description.  then it flips a flag in my list to move the list item from the new view to the MKTing view.


Most of the time if I only choose one option in the request type FLOW will work, the planner is created and the flag is flipped, Life is great :)

Now I try to choose 2 items and it blows up on me.  can't find ID.

Burt sometime it works.  Everytime I go to put this into produsction for my users it seems to fail, but if I go update the FLOW (without changing anything ) it sometimes works the first time thru.


I added a few screenshot, maybe there is something obvious I am doing wrong?  I have been following all kinds blogs and it seems like I am doing this correctly :)




Would definitely help

Very simply the email subject could be the planner subject, and the rest of the task can remain blank to fill in. Perhaps the forwarded email can just be attached to the task with any other attachments available from there.



have you tried having a delay before getting the task id ?


Seems to be working for me for my short flow. 

Current delay is set to 30 seconds, I am looking into if it can be shorter, but hopefully this can help you.



Thanks Kristjan,

Yes I figured out the delay a while back :)


Unfortunately, I have had soo many FLOW issues, that I can't remember every post to go back to and update. 

It looks like this is coming:

“We’re in the process of finalizing designs for a Planner add-in for Outlook. From the add-in, users will be able to create tasks for Planner without having to leave their inbox. The email subject and body will autofill as the task title and description, respectively, and users will have the ability to set plan, bucket and assignees . We appreciate your feedback and patience and look forward to this first step in what we hope to be a greater integration with Outlook!”

Source: https://planner.uservoice.com/forums/330525-microsoft-planner-feedback-forum/suggestions/14767056-cr...
My mistake:
MS is promising an Outlook add-in, but not the ability to create a task by sending an email to Planner or a specific plan.

I've adopted the flow called: 'Create a task in Planner when a new emial arrives in a shared mialbox' in a way that I have a tag in the subject line which is needed to trigger the flow.

Since the subject line is used as a task title, the tag is removed in the process.

However I don't see an option to add attachments to the task as neither "Update task details" nor "Update task" step provides an option to add attachments.

The last step in the flow deletes the flow triggering email from the shared mailbox.

@Brent Ellis Is there any news on this key functionality? Seems totally bizarre that something @Trello nailed yonks ago - the ability to simply send an email directly into their platform so it becomes automatically a task - still eludes the otherwise pretty cool Planner. Or am I missing a major development....? 30 months should've been enough time.

@Matthew Jarsky Outlook add-on doesn't even begin to cut it. I need to be able to create tasks regardless of whether I'm using webmail, windows desktop mail (outlook), Apple mail (definitely not going to start using outlook there), iPhone (no outlook, plus I doubt it'd have that functionality anyway) or any of the linux devices I've got. Simply being able to forward an email to an address works everywhere, with every client. Nothing else comes even close. 


I've been trying to migrate to Planner from Trello, but I guess I'll just forget about it and check again in a decade. Maybe Planner is closer to being useful then. :\

Totally agree! I also need this now.

@robfiore  i second this and looking forward to the implementation. I would like to see Microsoft make fewer apps better, rather than a cluster of half-baked ideas!  


I've created a power automate flow to create a task when a forms is completed.

I've ran in the same problem than you about filling all the task's informations. Flow's connector is not complete...

So i've done differently : Only one document in the form is possible, my flow go read in the excel sheet where are stored the forms answer to take the localisation of the file and i've formatted all the information i need in the task's comment section. 

Maybe you should go by the same way : "when an email is send with "keyword" in title" / create a line in excel sheet / then create a task with information in the excel sheet.

But you will probably need to use variable definition and function to cut your information in the mail and put in inside comment task...

@Christophe Heureux 


Thanks for the link shared!

I tested it and it worked beautifully

Nearly 2 years later and still no progress.!!:facepalm:



yup!!  I am waiting 4 years for the ability to attach an image from a camera control in PowerAPPS to a list item :).


Good luck with yours :)




Has any one from Microsoft development made any reply to this? I can't believe that Planner and O365 don't have proper integration... I can raise a task from within O365 Web but not a Planner Task so have to keep switching from one app to another.

Flow is OK... but why does it all have to be so complicated? It should be simple! :unamused: