404 error during login

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It was reported by few of our users that they receive 404 error when they try to access Planner via

When they click on 'Sign In' they are being redirected to by default. 


When investigated we have found that the login url should be 


This works when we try to access Planner from app launcher and does not work when we access directly via


@Brian Smith 

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Cookies problem?
Nope... we have tried clearing cookies and cache from browser and still the issue persists.

Hi Santhosh - I'm looking in to this issue - have you opened a case for this yet?

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We have identified the bug in our code Santhosh - thanks for reporting - hopefully we will have a fix out soon.
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Hi Brian, Thanks for looking into this. I have not yet opened a case. Will do.

Thanks Santhosh - and this will also affect other countries, like Japan for example - where there is just a single variant of the language/locale.  Countries that have a shared language (en-US, en-GB for example) do not hit this issue.

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Hi @Brian Smith, Is this issue fixed? We have few clients who are still affected.

I'm seeing the fixed build Santhosh - and you are sure it is the same issue with the locale shortened to two characters?  Which locale are these customers in?  Have they opened support tickets?



Many thanks for your prompt reply. I will check with those customers and post here again.