Microsoft Planner: Why can’t I add favorites or comment?
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First published on MSDN on Jul 14, 2017
This has been a hot topic for support cases since Microsoft Planner first launched – so why are there cases where you are not able to comment or add a favorite plan?  There can be several reasons, and it is sometimes even further confused when we tell customer that this isn’t supported for Hybrid installations where Exchange is still used on premises – and the reply we get is “Well it works for some of our users but not others…”  Hopefully the following will cover the vast majority of cases you might come across – but I’m sure there may be other nuances in this complex world that might give different behaviors…  Read on.

Hybrid Scenarios

In hybrid scenarios we do not support comments or favorites for users with their mailboxes on-premises as the users needs to have an Exchange Online mailbox to engage with these features.  EXCEPT – if the user does have an external email address configured and is configured as a MailUser in Exchange AD.  In this scenario the user will be able to use these features even though they have no EXO mailbox.  If the user is configured as a User rather than MailUser – and has no external email address then things won’t work.  This has explained the situations where some users work and some don’t in a hybrid environment.  Also of course some users may be fully in EXO and others in on-premises mailboxes.

Yammer connected Groups

One recent feature change was the ability to have Groups for Yammer groups – and these Groups can have plans.  However, as they are using Yammer rather than Exchange for their conversations this does not work with comments and favorites – both of which rely on the EXO mailbox.  We should be removing some UI in this scenario which is confusing things currently making it look like it should work.

*** Update 9/22/2017 - The soft deleted item issue is now resolved ***

Soft deleted items

Another potential blocker to adding comments is when a soft deleted item  for Exchange (something still in the recycle bin) is found by the Graph call we are making and used in preference to the real current item.  This one appears to be a bug, and related usually to the ‘From:’ field we are passing in to the call.  If you are hitting this problem then either purging the item or renaming the soft deleted item should enable comments to work again.

Microsoft Teams

I think we did see some issues with Plans in teams and conversations – but some of these can be explained by the details above – and some we have already addressed.  We continue to work on improving the Planner experience in Teams and you should see goo things here coming over the remainder of this year.
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