Would love a beefed up 'checklist'

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I know Planner isn't Project :) , but getting a little closer could help us stop using customized task lists in SharePoint.


We might have a task to do a 'thing', and it has subtasks, like 'create copy', 'create graphic'..... each one of those subtasks is done by a different person in a different department.


Right now we have the single task for the 'thing', and assign it to all people who will eventually be dealing with it. We create a checklist item for each step, and put the person's initials in the front of the text so they know that's their little piece of the task. But there's no 'OK, I'm done with this step, on to the next' so they know it's time to work. We review daily in a standup meeting but things can get lost...


But that gets into Project style dependancies. It would be wonderful to have a linked task structure, parent/child or whatever. so a checklist-like  section would actually show the children tasks (I like having one card per main task, and not have all the children showing up messing up my buckets)

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Thanks@Robin Nilsson ! This detail around your scenario is very helpful! 

What capabilities would these child tasks have? Do you want them to have all the power of a parent task? Or do you just want to be able to assign and set a due date for a child task? Maybe send a notification to the other assignees when a child task is completed? 

Yup, all of the above. :sparkling_heart:The basics are assignments, due dates, notification on due date like a normal task for late/coming up/overdue. And yes, I like the idea of sending completed email to all assignees - that would kick them to check to see if they're 'up next'. If the email could include more details, like list the child tasks, that would give them context.
This could also tie into another ask - somehow allow a child assignee to not be a part of the group, but I understand that's probably a big structural change. Everything is so interrelated...


An example of this would be a plan being used in a Team site by a department I'm not part of. They are working on a new project so have a very busy plan, but they need IT to do 1 thing. They can't really assign a task to me because I shouldn't be a part of their group/team/SPO site - now they have to add the task with a group owner as the assignee, who has to chat with me to get the task done, then they update the task with the outcome. We have a workaround but it's cumbersome.

@Robin Nilsson This is great detailed feedback - We'll take all this into account as we've gotten a lot of asks for "beefier" checklists. Well also look into your suggestion around guests being assigned to checklist items. Thank you!