will scheduling and tracking hours be added?

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Will time allocation per task every be a feature added?  It would be useful to allocate time by task & user so that we can run analytics reports regarding resource availability and other KPIs.


Piggybacking off of that idea, will time tracking be an added feature?  Where a user will enter their hours to a specific task in a plan? 


Thank you!

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Thanks for the question. May i take your ask as 1) to be able to allocate time to do this task (in Outlook?), 2) track that time in a task field, is this correct?
Can you share a little more of your role, and the case you're trying to achieve here? Thanks!

@Si Meng I'm probably too late with this response, but just in case I am still going to post!


I work with both Mac and PC users which means we cannot use Microsoft Project.  I was hoping planner might be an option with some creative thinking. 


We need to be able to assign task hours to the user.  We don't need it n Outlook (although that would be nice!).  An example is below.


User: Bob

User: Jane


Project 1

Task A: 2 hours assigned to Bob . [Day 1]

Task B: : 6 hours assigned to Jane [Day 2]


Project 2:

Task A: 6 hours assigned to Bob [Day 1]

Task B: 3 hours: TBD


We need to be able to look at a day and see who is available to work on a task, or if all our resources have already been allocated.


Thank you!

edit to add we also need the users to track their time against a task.
Thanks for the follow up. This is helpful for us to know which business scenario this is asked and better design for it. Thanks for this info!