Why the long delays for simple changes that are incredibly limiting


One of our great frustrations with Planner is that *simple* requests like ability to EDIT COMMENTS have been outstanding for years with no action and no transparency on whether it will ever get fixed.

The request on Uservoice for editing comments, as one example, has been there for over *FOUR YEARS*.


Two part question:

1. When can we expect to have ability to edit or delete comments ? 

   - This is absolutely a show stopper for us and keeps us from using planner.  In a health care setting we can't take the risk that someone will make a comment that shouldn't be public and where neither users nor admins have the ability to remove or correct it!


2.  Can we expect to see some improvement on how the Planner Team deals with these things ? 
     Many other teams at Microsoft are far far better at addressing the comments/requests in Uservoice.  I'd like to see you guys get much better here.

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@Luis Rodrigues great questions :)


We want the ability to edit comments too! And @ mentions! I definitely hear how this can be frustrating. 


Continuing to provide feedback on these concerns and points of friction is so important and we're thankful that you continue to do this. We make hard trade offs every day across a ton of technical and customer problems. We're always working on getting better at serving our customers, so please keep up the feedback.  

I don't understand. Every single other software company we work with has figured out how to allow editing of comments. It's just not that hard. Microsoft has figured it out .. we can edit in Teams chats, conversations etc.

I appreciate your reply but it's not an answer to either question I asked.

I'd be happy to have one of your more technical participants enlighten me:
What is so difficult about allowing editing of comments that Microsoft can't figure out how to do it in 4 years ?

Is it beyond the capabilities of your programmers ? I just don't understand.

And, for the record, there is NO evidence to support the statement that the Planner team values feedback.  The fact that items have been outstanding in UserVoice without response for years at a time would seem to show the contrary.

[I'm going to leave it here .. I don't want this thread to be an argument.   HOPING to get a response, but frankly not expecting one].

@Luis Rodrigues thanks for the feedback. Our engineering team is hiring-- if you think you can make an impact, we'd love to hear from you.

It's been many years since I was a programmer. Yeah, that's what the position was called back then. I'd definitely have to brush up! Thanks for the chuckle though! :)