When will we be able to do a simple export to Excel?

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All of our users keep asking for this, just a simple export of all action items in a Plan to excel, or maybe a CSV.

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This is something we're still exploring but would like to pursue in the future. We'd love to hear more about how your and your team could utilize this and what information specific information you'd like to have exported from your plan!
For a single planner instance, a simple view of Action Item Title | Bucket | Due Date | Assigned To | Status | Description would satisfy 95% of requests.

That's great to hear - I'll take note of that. Thanks for your feedback Brent!

@Joanna Parkhurst We have a similar requirement - we are presenting a report to our stakeholders showing the tasks in progress, the board is too large to screenshot and put into the report and the charts are not quite right for our requirements so we need some other method of exporting the information we need to include in our documents.