What's happening with adding more labels? We often need 3 levels - and labels could do this

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Not being able to add labels has been an issue.

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@Ian Cunningham Can you share what "3 levels" means? Currently, you can add up to 6 labels. We're actively working on increasing the number of labels you can use.


We'd like to break some projects down into 3 levels. You have two levels, in effect, buckets and tasks. For example, we have a business plan which has Seven top level categories, each of which is then broken down into objectives, each of which is broken down to tasks we can easily map the objectives to buckets but we didn't find a way of tagging tasks so that they would also be aligned by category labels would have done this except as we said we have 7 top level categories
I.e. use labels for categories, buckets for objectives, tasks for the tasks (checklists aren’t featured enough).