What plans do you have for the Planner web part in SharePoint

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Great to see the Planner web part in SharePoint. What enhancements does the Planner team have lined up?
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Hi John, we have several ideas for enhancements to the Planner in SharePoint. Some ideas include things like additional web part views and filters, as well as deeper integration in other parts of a site. What sort of enhancements would you be most interested in seeing?
Hi Eray, Thanks for your reply. You captured my thoughts! Deeper integration and additional views / filters. Look forward to what’s next!

Hi Eray,


Could you help me to know where we can vote to ' push ' for development of ' obvious ' filters on O365 planner web part, please? I mean by ' obvious ', the criterias like ' recently finished ', recently added ', ' late actions ', ' to be completed in the next days or next week '...

I have a direct business case :

  • for each of my projects, I have a modern SharePoint website where I add O365 planner web part in the HomePage for project team (and stakeholders) to follow the progress of each actions;
  • BUT for now, they have to navigate into the action list to see what is new, what have been recently finished...
  • I would like to simplify their experience on my SharePoint website home page by separating actions into 3 sections (or 1 sections with 3 columns ;) ) :
    1. Late actions;
    2. Completed actions in the last 2 weeks;
    3. Actions with Due date in the next 5 days.

I expect this request to be align with your current ideas of enhancements, isn't it?

In such case, I would appreciate to vote on the correct future development.


Many thanks for your coming help,