Welcome to the Planner AMA!

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Welcome to the Planner Ask Microsoft Anything! This live hour gives you the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback directly to the Planner team.  


Please post your question in a new thread. You can view the AMA Guidelines here. 


To start introduce yourself below and tell us where you're logging in from!



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Hi, I'm Eray. I'm a Program Manager on the Planner team, and I've been working on Planner since day 1. I'm excited to hear your questions today!

Mike here from the community team ready for an action-packed hour of Planner! 

Hi I'm George Bullock, Product Marketing Manager for Planner and Project. I joined the team six months ago and am excited to be on board!

Hi there, I'm Chad Coon, the PMO Manager for the West Division with Planet Technologies. I'm also interested in seeing the Q&A today. We are currently utilizing the Planner with Teams and curious if others are too.

Hi everyone, I'm also a Program Manager on the Planner team. Looking forward to the questions!

Hi, I'm Brian. I'm an Escalation Engineer from the support team and work on Planner.

Hello! I'm Joanna Parkhurst, I'm a PM on the Planner team. Here to help answer your questions about everything Planner as well!

@Eray Chouit's been 1 year since the last AMA, could you please do another one. Thanks

Hi my name is Marina and I'm logging in from Toledo, OH at the HCR ManorCare building. 

@ProMedica Hello! This is an old welcome thread for last year's AMA. Feel free to introduce yourself when we post our new one in a minute. But regardless, welcome!