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This is Eric checking in from the community team. Looking forward to all your Planner questions!

Hi all! My name is Holly, and I'm a PM on the Planner team. Looking forward to chatting with you all today!

Cathy here, a Program Manager on the Planner team. Looking forward to answering your questions today :)

Hi everyone, I'm Charlie, a Program Manager on the Planner team - looking forward to answering your questions!

Hi everyone! Luke - PM on Planner. Looking forward to your questions.

Hello, I'm Luca Colonnese, IT Manager with Aliments LUDA Foods in Pointe-Claire (Canada.) We are relatively new at using the MS 365 application suite and are quite enjoying it. I've been tasked with one specific question which you will find, as requested, in the Planner AMA space.

Thank you.




This is Kyle checking in from Milwaukee, WI.  I am working to rollout planner across an organization with 500 employees in 3 states.  I see boatloads of potential but am struggling to pull all the parts together going from a Project to a Planner to Individual Tasks across multiple teams and projects. I manage projects across numerous MS teams and even within my own team.  Each one has a dedicated planner.


Looking forward to learning more.

@Kanderson82 great questions! I can start to answer your question, but then I'll definitely need to learn some more for you. 


Planner is great for managing work across a team. We love that it can live in a tab inside of a channel to make it easy to organize work related to a specific topic. Team members can look at their task list to see all of their individual tasks across all of their plans-- for example, when an individual wants to prioritize their work for the day. 


Can you tell me more about how you're using Project? What do you mean by going from Project to Planner-- what's your goal? 

Hi Planner Team,


Thanks for taking questions.  I wanted to get here sooner but I've been conducting an interview.  Here are some of my questions:


1. Was the summary document from the last AMA ever distributed?  If so, where can we find it.

2. What is on the roadmap for expanding the functionalities of Planner?

3. When can we expect some of the functionality expansions to occur?

4. The biggest items our team would like to see (to convince us to move away from Trello) include more custom fields and much better notifications (e.g. - we would like to see a notification for anyone assigned when a card is moved on the KanBan board).


These are some of the questions I have.  Thanks for reviewing them and I appreciate any response you can give.


- Robert Ferguson

@CathyHarley Correct me if I am wrong but I think I explained this in my much longer post.  That said, In the same way an INDIVIDUAL can see all of their tasks across numerous Planners and ToDo, we at the bare minimum need to see a TEAM view across numerous Planners.  The exact same functionality as Tasks in Teams but one Level of for the whole team to look at.

@Robert_Ferguson  I will re-attach the summary on the old post and link it shortly! As far as updates , you can check on the roadmap site and filter by product here