Vision/niche among agile project management tools

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I'm a bit curious to hear how the people working on the Planner team think of your tool compared to the plethora of agile/kanban project tools out there. Certainly you have a big strength in the strong integration with Microsoft's office applications, Active Directory and (more and more) Teams. 

But if you look at Planner in itself, do you have a clear vision of specific user segments or applications that you are specifically catering to? Or do you try to keep it versatile, first and foremost? 

One thought I have is that Planner's upside becomes more accentuated when you are somebody who's working in a legacy organization. Often Planner is already procured and deployed, while starting to use a competitor would mean moving into shadow IT mode. The IT department are comfortable with Microsoft as a vendor. And so on. 

But starting to use a tool like Planner in such a context often means trying to move some practices to a more agile mindset and workflow, but still having to deal with collaboration across silos, multitasking between several virtual teams an so on. Rather than working in the self-organizing, autonomous, cross-functional teams of a truly agile organization. This may come with some specific challenges.

Is this a use-case you are actively trying to adapt Planner to, or do you aim to compete with the Trellos and Asanas of this world in all kinds of contexts: startups, software development teams, and so on? 

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Thank you for your question! Planner is intended to be a flexible task management app within the Office365 ecosystem. We recognize that everyone has different needs when managing their tasks as a group and we strive to provide people with the tools they need to feel calm and in control of the task they and their organization need to accomplish.

Can you describe some of the use cases you're trying to achieve?
I don't really have specific features in mind. Although this post had a good list with suggestions that I second:

If I'll try to add to that, issues may be small stuff like moving tasks between plans and dealing with time-sensitive tasks in a better way including a calendar view that doesn't clutter up.