Version history similar to Sharepoint list

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Will it be possible to see the task history. Something similar to the history for sharepoint lists would be appreciated.

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Hi - task history is something our team is investigating, but we don't have a definitive timeline to share yet. Is there a scenario you are looking to achieve with task history? What do you typically use version history for?

Thanks for your question and feedback, it's very appreciated!

We need this. We currently extract to .XLSX daily to get some logging. Less than optimal.

I have a use case for this if we ever get custom fields!


  • Status field with these 4 options: Draft - In Work - Review - Release
  • "In Work" and "Review" can loop many times, for example if edits are required for a certain document creation task

The use case for history is to be able to capture who and when updated the Status field. If "In Work" and "Review" looped 6 times, I would want the history to show who made that change and when that happened instead of someone manually entering a comment so it's captured.