Version history or recycle bin for tasks?

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You guys got anything to share if that's things on the roadmap? Right now some careless individuals can do some damage to your boards without a real way to rollback or restore tasks? :)

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Eray had just talked to me about this yesterday and added it to our backlog. We don't yet have an ETA on when this will land though.
Anything new to share on this?
The big planner reveals are today. Keep an eye out.

Didn't see any big reveals coming out of Ignite for this one. Found a uservoice entry with no MS status:


Any update on this one @Dan Fisher  @Deleted ? A good point is made about newbies deleting cards and buckets and having nowhere to go to retrieve them (unfortunately, recent lived experience...). Version history would be awesome! Any news? 

@Liz Pommer - We don't have a recycle bin or version history in Planner.  We did release feature that when  a user deletes a task they will get a notification popup that allows them to immediately undo the deletion.   But once that notification is gone the user can't undo and there currently isn't a way for a different user to undo the delete.

@Dan Fisher 

Any update on work that was made to give Planner a revision history?


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@Jannie_Jordaan We don't have any firm timeline on this feature at this time.  It is a feature we continue to talk about but no firm dates on when it will become a part of the project.

Any update on this? Had a user delete a bunch of planner boards (somehow accidentally), with no version history to get them back. Good times.