tighter control for who can complete a task and to show completion analytics?


Hi there,


Is it on the roadmap to get tighter control to control who can complete a task?  I don't want my teams to be moving tasks around in all cases, in many, I want only the assigned to person to be able to complete a task.


....or if I cannot get that, then I would like to be able to see who completed a task via some form of analytics.


...while I'm asking for things: ability to have separate people assigned to subtasks would be lovely :)

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@Arin Komins Hey Arin! Can you tell us more about how you'd like to define this? As in per person, or for everyone in a plan?

@Joanna Parkhurst -- looking to have this for everyone within the plan (or minimally for buckets within the plan.)  I want to be able to only allow for the assigned to person to be able to complete a task or have some method of knowing who completed it; that let's me (as a project manager) know how individual velocity is going, and if I need to address anything.  Plus, it gives me a level of compliance control.

@Arin Komins I see! So what if multiple people are assigned a task - either of them could  complete it? 

Currently in Planner we do record who completed a task. In the "Completed" section of each bucket you'll see a sentence at the bottom of each task card that says "Completed by [person] on [date]". You can also get insights into velocity and "who completed what" from the Charts page. In the Members chart, you'll see a bar for each member of your plan that says how many tasks they're assigned and the progress of all of those tasks. If you need to see that chart for a certain time period or bucket, you can apply a filter from the Filter menu and see the Charts update to reflect that. 

Does that help?

@Joanna Parkhurst Yes, if you have multiple people assigned, then any of those assigned could complete it....but I still want to know who completed it.  I know about what shows up on the card, but that doesn't help for project analytics (to see trending).  I've been getting around this with Flow --> at closure, I record who closed and time of closure to a SharePoint list, so I can get analytics from there, but that's a bit of a hack.