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Thank you for joining us and voicing your questions and feedback during this fun and action-packed hour. We will continue to answer questions asked before the hour ended.


We will put together a summary document of what was covered during and share it in this group. See you next time! 


EDIT: Summary document attached!

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Thank you everyone who joined!!
Thank you to Planner team for your time and dedication.
Thank you!
Thank you!!

I just missed it... Ill write some parts I really miss at work


  • Filter out tasks that I have created, so I can see how they are going. Atm I also assign them to myself
  • My task button should be on every plan so you see the buckets but just your own tasks
  • Better styling of text, so you can write description thats easier to read
  • More progress options, like hold
  • Drag drop files as attachements. Would be nice to be able to drag mails over as attachments directly from outlook desktop app. sometimes I need content of one or many mails as info for later.
  • Option to follow a task without it beeing assigned to you
  • More labels, 6 just isnt enough - have checklist and decription show on card at the same time
  • Option to have more of the description to show on card
  • Looks like guest of a team does not get mails by default when a task is assigned or late. Makes it really hard to collaborate with external company in projects.


Have more, but dont know if anyone who can help get these features will ever read it..

@vegarringdal Hello! For product suggestions (rather than questions), the best place to post these is in the UserVoice, which is also monitored by the team. 

@Eric Starker  Hi Eric - I am sorry I missed this one, sounds like it was great!  I read the summary and don't see anything about the ability to track time against a task in planner.  I voted on this in UserVoice and know there are a lot of people interested in this.  Has the team given any more thought about this?  Is there a time tracking app that integrates with Planner?  Thanks so much!

Hey @Susan Ford !


Thanks for your interest and for voting for this feature on UserVoice. We don't have near-term plans for adding a time field for tasks in Planner, but would love to hear more about how you would use this. For example, would you want a default time? How would you want this reflected for teams in other time zones?


Please add any scenarios or suggestions to the UserVoice thread so we can aggregate feedback there :) We do our best to align our product roadmap with the most requested features, and update the UserVoice threads as we begin work in those areas.




Hi Joanna, thanks for your follow up. I probably should have spelled it out more, but what I am interested in is tracking the time that a person spends working on the task on cards, so we can reconcile project resources costs. This is the user voice item I am talking about.
I would love your thoughts here! Thanks.

@Eric Starker 

Is this something I can put on my calendar to attend?

Very helpful,



Yes, when we announce our AMAs, we include a link to add it to our calendar.

You can see where we did that for this AMA here: