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Hi Planner team!
We recently had a situation where we discovered that deleting the notification email of a Task comment from the group mailbox where the Planner is linked also meant permanently deleting the comment from the planner task. 
This presents a complicated scenario where Plans for example have months worth of comments and there is no warning in the group mailbox when the notification email is about to be deleted, to warn the person deleting the email of what this implies.
Is there anything planned for avoiding this situation or to better the experience? 


With that being said, the possibility of editing a task comment would also be great as a simple mistake or incomplete comment means that we need to make another comment. 
Is there also something planned for allowing the editing of the comments?

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Definitely need the ability to edit a comment when a mistake is made... or delete a comment if it is accidentally made on the wrong task. Thanks for raising this! It would also be great if we could add/save a comment to a task WITHOUT sending an email. (Like, an option to just "save", as well as an option to "save & send".) Scenario is that often we want to post an update to a task, but it doesn't really need a notification to go out to everyone on the task.

@Lucia_N_Gon Thanks for your questions! Today Planner task comments are stored inside the group mailbox of the group associated to the plan, so the recommendation is not to delete task comment email thread in the group mailbox unless it is desired to delete the comment thread on the task itself.


More information can be found here: Reset who receives email notifications on comments for a specific task


We definitely hear the feedback that this model isn't ideal for users, and are actively investigating new approaches to support comments which will not have the same issues users run into today where changes inside a group mailbox affect the task itself (like the one you've mentioned). However this effort isn't a quick fix, and I don't have a specific timeline to share on this yet. 


Yes - as part of our larger efforts to bring a better commenting experience to Planner tasks, we intend to support editing of tasks. 

Thank you! Will read through the info link. Looking forward to more news on the editing of comments! :)
Hi @chtran, Can you tell me if there are any plans to resolve this situation where we can't delete Comments from Tasks in Planner (or Tasks by Planner)? Also, where can we see if there is any progress being made as the UserVoice website is no more. Finally, it needs to be done in Microsoft 365 with no reliance on Exchange or other legacy products.
Many thanks

@PocketLloyd2120 Yes. Same here. Can you delete a comment added to a task in planner? I need to! It was put in wrong task card.


hello - Editing and deleting comments is very much needed to allow this to be more effective. Do you have an ETA for this yet?

Just want to echo this need. My team is new to using the task assignments, and need to delete or edit comments on assigned tasks. Very much needed. Hoping this bumps to the que for items to be addressed.

@JenevaP I'm in complete agreement. I need this functionality for the very same reason.