Sorting in Planner

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What is the best way to sort tasks beside dragging them?  It would be great to sort them by label, alphabetically or date order.  I can't seem to find an automatic way.


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Sorting a bucket by date order would make it significantly easier for the every day user to use planner. Currently I create the bucket backwards by date as the default task creation adds the task to the top. Manually dragging tasks by date is a serious issue.
Trying to convince my team to switch from Asana to Planner, but they feel that sorting by due date is a must-have in the board view.

@Annette_VKC Microsoft HOW is this still not a feature? Such a basic thing that would save so much time. Still have a long way to go to come anywhere near the functionality of the likes of Trello.

Microsoft--really? How are we to take Teams seriously as an organizing tool without the ability to sort cards in a task by due date or label alpha? A glaring omission.
I’m assuming this hasn’t been addressed yet as of May 2022? It really is a serious flaw!


To my knowledge there has been no response on this issue. It seems that Microsoft is less concerned about their users than either Slack or Ryver, who at least give the impression that their tech people are addressing problems. I will be discussing alternatives with our IT folks. 

Agreed, we want to use this tool because it's less cumbersome than some of the alternatives, but some of the basic functionality gaps have us rethinking the use of this tool.

Agree, this is basic functionality that we need in order for Planner to be useful. I'm using Planner at work, because that's what we are allowed to use, but it really lacks functionality in comparison to Trello etc.