See ANOTHER users' action items across multiple plans?

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Is there a way to see all action items assigned to someone else across multiple plans?


Example, we have a different plan for 10 projects with the same membership on each project (so its not a permissions thing), and a team member is leaving on vacation for 2 weeks, is there any way for a single user (like an overall project manager) to look across all 10 Plans and see what that person has assigned to them, or do they have to go plan by plan by plan by plan by plan.

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Hi Brent -- you currently need to go plan by plan.  It would be possible to create this sort of view using Planner API on the Microsoft Graph, but we don't have an OOB way to do this in our near term plans.  

Nice, didn't think about Graph for that data. Should be something you could whip up in powerapps and plug right into your team then