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Is there a way to get back all deleted tasks if a complete plan (not the O365 group) ist deleted?

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Hi Renato! unfortunately there is no way to get a task back one it has been deleted. We have an undo feature, but that only gives you 10 seconds to take action. To recover a deleted plan right now you need to file a ticket and the Planner team can help you out. We do hope to add an archive or recycle bin functionality in the future.

Can you tell me a bit more about what you'd expect from the recover functionality? is it okay if it's gone after 30 days? Do you want to be able to find it beyond 30 days?

A 30 day recycle bin is good enough.

It is more a user understanding issue. We can delete a complete plan without being informed that it cannot be recovered. All other service do have a recycle bin.

@Monika Dragulski 

Hi @Monika Dragulski , is there really no way to recover tasks? I had some tasks in a planner and tried to duplicate the planner as a template and rename it. I then deleted some tasks thinking they would only be removed from the new planner but they were removed from the old one too.


I started to recreate the tasks but now I have two planners with the different names but the same tasks. What happens when I remove the new planner? Will all the new tasks disappear from the old one too? They seem to be two copies of the same planner with different names.





@Monika Dragulski @Renato Isler: I recently had a very similar issue -> I 'copied' a planner but in actuality this created a link.  When I deleted one of the planners, this then deleted the other.  How do I make a formal request to recover this information? What is the process.

The tasks in Planner gets deleted performantly and there is no way to recover it now. Once deleted, it is deleted for ever.