Recommended Plans Feature

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Could you share some more details on how the recommended plans feature works? 
What is used in the criteria for the recommendation?

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Recommended plans currently shows plans where you are assigned at least one task in the plan (and the plan isn't pinned or in recent). It's tailored to discovery of new plans we think will be particularly relevant to you, and will evolve over time.
Do you have any thoughts on this feature you want to share? Do you think you or your colleagues will use it?
Hi Luke!
Thanks for the answer.
Since it started rolling out in our tenant and I've announced it, it's causing a bit of confusion because the "Recommended" section only appears when there is a relevant plan. I think it would be useful if the section header stayed visible even when there is no plan being recommended.
I personally think it's a useful feature to provide us with a visual heads-up that there is a plan with a task for us, especially when you're already part of many plans.