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Hi everyone,

Planner feels better than I expected! Do you have in mind to bring a project timetable into the planner in the future? and if yes, when?


Thank you for this opportunity!

@Eric Starker 

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@pande10 Hello! Thank you for your feedback. We love to hear that you are enjoying Planner!


We have a sister application called Project which has timetable features. Sounds like that might be the best option for what you are looking for?


If you aren't familiar with Project, there is actually an event later today where Project PMs and engineers will answer all your questions about your scenarios. Details are here: 



Hi @Holly1,


Thank you for the quick answer. We are familiar with the Microsoft Projects. The problem is that you need a different license for that and also if you want you use it with your clients. They need also that license? Am I right? This is why I see that teams + planner would be an excellent tool for all companies because they all can use it.

@pande10 Thank you for the feedback! We are thoughtful in our approach of what features make the most sense for Planner, and what makes the most sense for Project. Timetable is a feature that we've decided to keep in Project, at least for the foreseeable future.


It sounds like, for your scenario, Project Plan 1 would hopefully be an affordable option for your team?


I personally am not too familiar with the license requirements for Project. The customer event later today would be your best bet for that. Or, if you'd prefer, I can ask one of the PMs from Project to get back to you about how licensing works when you are working with clients?


Let me know how I can best help you!