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Would love to be able to add to the 3 existing states - e.g., "on hold" or "waiting for someone"

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@Christine GreenAgreed, although I would prefer to have the option to add/edit task status values :)

@AlexH980 & @Christine Green Thanks for the question! So it sounds like you'd like to define more status'. How many additional labels would you typically use?

Funny just posted about the same thing on the thread above yours. Yes, please bring this in

@Joanna ParkhurstSpeaking for only myself 5-10 custom status options would be a good place to start.

@AlexH980 Awesome, thanks for sharing your feedback!

This is a simple but important request. Status like Hold, Waiting for someone reply, and others are necessary to a correct tasks management
I'm surprised this has not been implemented yet. It really prevents effective management. Using Planner for simple task management during development in place of Trello is hard because you cannot differentiate between a task being completed and ready for testing or a task being completed and also test accepted. The only option is to leave it as in progress and move it to the test bucket.

This is a must have if Planner is to compete with Trello
I totally agree!
Also status like "will not be done" for things that were planned, but became obsolent.
+1 from me!

But don't spend too much time adding other states. Just add the option for the users / board manager to add custom values themselves. :)
As others have mentioned here, I think the most important thing is that the values (including OOTB values) are user-definable. Some organizations may want "Waiting on 3rd Party", some might want "Pending External". Some may use "Completed" while others want "Done".

Ideally, an arbitrary number of Progress states would be great, but if it needs to be hard-coded for performance or other reasons, then at least 15 values would be needed.

This also falls under the general request on User Voice that has not been actioned for several years:

Totally agree that to be able to customise the progress status field would make Planner far more powerful as a planning tool.


@Microsoft Support - any feedback on if/when we might get this feature?


This was the first thing I noticed when I started using it. Similar to any task management system, you need to be able to have customized status’ to quickly review what the status of each task is. I have also been implementing Planner into Power Automate so when a task is “Complete” an action takes place but it would be nice to have other status’ when tasks don’t necessarily go as planned and to reference at a glance.

The work around, for now, would be to create different buckets, move the tasks to different buckets and use that as a “sub-status” maybe?

Maybe I found a simple work-around?


Why not change the label fields (colors currently) to the statuses you want? The In-progress will (of course) still apply but the color labels could give more detail as to why the current task is "In Progress". In my case, I changed "Pink" to "Waiting on client", which shows up on the card and is filterable.


Just a thought!


Any update on this request? At least the option for "Waiting for 3rd parties" is pretty standard in Task Managers
With regards to the additional statuses. I'm in the same boat as you all.
Here is an idea, throwing it our there for feedback. What if we were limited to the fixed statuses, and sliced them by bucket? Then for example, if something was 'In Progress' (status) + 'Blocked' (Bucket), that would give you sufficient insight and information to manage and prioritise.

Same for other scenarios:
* 'To Do' + 'Blocked'
* 'To Do' + 'Backlog'
* 'To Do' + 'Ready'
* 'In Progress' + 'In Review'
* 'In Progress' + 'Design'
* 'In Progress' + 'Development'
* 'In Progress' + 'QA'
... etc
The question is, could you build automation based on the above using Flow?

@bari_n Yes, agreed, there are lots of good ways that you could get around part of this limitation.  For me, though, it's still a question of "why should we have to?"


Also, in our environment, we already use the buckets and tags for other things, some of which I would *also* have used custom fields for, were they available :(


Planner/Tasks still seems like a toy version of what it could be with just a *little* bit of customizability, and having to hack the features I want is pretty disappointing ...

Is there any update on this? It would be great to have custom progress statuses. (waiting on 3rd party, on hold)
This is such a no-brainer; really needs to be added or the ability for the user to add more themselves