PowerBI for Planner Setup

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PowerBI for Planner looks incredible and exactly what I need to see across numerous projects.  If we are running an Agile workflow and we have a Sprint Board, is it best practice to create one planner per sprint?  If I use just a single sprint board, the PowerBI reports will simply show an exponential number of tasks completed.


I want to see tasks for a current sprint so that at the end of the quarter we can say we got this many things done during sprint one, this many two, etc.

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@Kanderson82 what PowerBI for Planner set up are you using? I'm aware of our awesome PowerBI templates for Project for the web, but not familiar with Planner templates... 

I guess I just noticed this is a third party app that looks suspiciously like it is from Microsoft. Reality is, they have EXACTLY what I need to see across the 15 planners I am a part of.
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@Kanderson82 Very cool third party template! We don't own this one but I think the scenario is still valid for us to think about for the future. I'd recommend giving that specific feedback to the FluentPro team too that built that tool!